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The Life Changes team is committed to creating change right here in our community. We do this by providing a safe haven, staffed with highly trained on-site house managers and support staff. We are mindful of the ever changing needs of our residents and our community and strive to provide services that move our community members from a life of despair to one filled with possibilities.  

Our sober living homes provide support and guidance to men and women in recovery from alcoholism or addiction. Life Changes offers residential homes aimed at the restoration of lives, families and the community. Support, guidance and clearly defined rules protect the facility as a whole and the integrity of each individual resident. Each home is staffed by a live in-house manager who is knowledgeable about the obstacles residents face as they embrace the recovery journey. In the Life Changes sober living homes, recovery, employment and the restoration of families are the primary focus. Our team is focused on helping residents build strong foundations and become the parents, spouses and employees they were destined to be while attaining long term recovery.

New Beginnings Prisoner Reentry

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At Life Changes, the New Beginnings Prisoner Reentry programs hold a special place in our hearts. We have long worked to create a home where former offenders can find a safe place to reintegrate into society, reunify with their families and reestablish themselves in the workforce. The gender specific New Beginnings Prisoner Reentry homes are certified through the State of Nevada Substance Use Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Services division. We offer Level II Sober Living Homes as defined by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR).

Life Changes offers several options for our justice involved applicants. All facilities are gender specific and offer a home-style environment in a residential setting with a live in-house manager. Bedding is provided and residents have full kitchen access, wi-fi, laundry facilities, access to communal areas, and a shared bedroom.  We know planning for reentry can be a difficult and stressful time for you and your loved ones. The stress and uncertainty of life on the “outside” is weighing heavily on both your minds. We are here to help. Our team is here to facilitate a smooth transition and provide services and support to make this transition successful. Services are provided to those individuals incarcerated in our state's prisons, jails, involved in community court or for those needing additional support as they strive to comply with justice mandates.

The New Beginnings Reentry program is the cornerstone of services offered at Life Changes, Inc.  The gender specific residential facilities are funded through a variety of sources.  Justice involved individuals seeking reentry services will typically submit an application through the criminal justice entity with which they are involved. If a justice involved man or women is not detained, but wish to access services, they can complete the application referenced below or in our offices at 550 E. 4th Street in Reno, NV.  Life Changes is a fee-based program, however, there are some limited financial resources available to assist our applicants in accessing services.  If you, or a loved one are seeking assistance, complete the application and a member of our reentry team will contact you. 

New Beginnings - Life Changes offers a variety of locations for our New Beginnings facilities.  For instance, we offer a state certified facility for women with programming dedicated to family reunification, employment opportunities and an evidence-based life skills component - Women of Worth. For our men's state certified facilities, residents are placed in accordance with their transportation needs, age and other factors.  

Women's New Beginnings - This program is funded through a generous grant award from the Office of Criminal Justice Assistance.  Our serene women's facilities are all located in residential neighborhoods, close to the RTC bus line and within walking distance of employment opportunities.  Each woman is paired with one of our highly trained and compassionate Peer Recovery Support Specialists where they are assisted and supported as they set achievable goals throughout their 90-day stay in the program.

Men's New Beginnings - Much like our Women's New Beginnings programs, the Our Men's reentry program offers services to address critical needs such as housing, employment, family reunification, and mental and physical health treatment. have been designed to support and guide our residents through the process of reunifying. 

SilverSummit Healing Home - this home is specifically designed for SilverSummit Healthplan justice involved men entering society directly from prison, county detentions or involved in specialty courts or who are seeking an alternative to incarceration. Much like its name, the Healing Home is a place of restoration and reflection. This project was made possible through a generous donation from the SilverSummit Community Investment fund and has allowed us to expand and enhance services to this population. While here, residents address challenges, identify and establish goals, and are supported to move forward in their lives as successful, contributing members of their families and communities. The reentry team at the Healing Home include a state certified Community Health Worker or Peer Recovery Support Specialist, a representative from SilverSummit Healthplan, and when required a member of the Summit Behavioral Health team. 

Community Court – We are excited to partner with Community Court to provide a safe place for men and women to land while they are waiting to enter a treatment program. While in Life Changes, they are offered the opportunity to begin the process of recovery, set achievable goals and comply with justice mandates in a supportive setting. Our community has long seen a gap in services when a man or woman is ordered to treatment, but do not have a clean and sober place to lay their head while they wait for a treatment slot to open.  The community court project strives to fill this gap. To access the Community Court Life Changes Housing Program, you must have a direct referral from Community Court – contact your court officer.

Jail Release The uncertainty of life after incarceration is often overwhelming to men and women who are behind bars in the county jail. Often, there are limited resources hindering inmates ability to plan for successful reentry. Life Changes accepts applications directly from the jail and places these individuals in one of our residential facilities whenever possible. Inmates who are court ordered to Life Changes will receive an application directly from jail personnel.

The Journey Begins Sober Living

This program is specifically designed for NON-Justice Involved applicants.  These gender specific programs are for men and women in any stage of their recovery from any life situation. The dedicated Life Changes team provides support and guidance for residents to establish healthy habits that lay the foundation for new behaviors and approaches to day-to-day wellness. Although a fee-based program, a member of our intake team will work with you to seek eligibility for alternative funding sources. If you or a loved one needs help, please complete our application.

Renown Recuperative Care Home

The Renown Recuperative Care Home provides a haven for those in need of a safe place to heal from a hospital stay. Members of this home may have a variety of insurances, including medicare, and will be paired with a team of dedicated professionals to help plan for their transition into independence.

The Renown Recuperative Care Home was developed to address the increasing concerns and challenges faced by our community's homeless population when facing a life, family, or medical challenge


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