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What We Offer

The Life Changes team is committed to creating change right here in our community. We do this by providing a safe haven, staffed with highly trained on-site house managers and support staff. We are mindful of the ever changing needs of our residents and our community and strive to provide services that move our community members from a life of despair to one filled with possibilities.  

Our Services

Our sober living homes provide support and guidance to men and women in recovery from alcoholism or addiction. Life Changes offers residential homes aimed at the restoration of lives, families and the community. Support, guidance and clearly defined rules protect the facility as a whole and the integrity of each individual resident. Each home is staffed by a live in house manager who is knowledgeable about the obstacles residents face as they embrace the recovery journey. In the Life Changes sober living homes, recovery, employment and the restoration of families are the primary focus. Our team is focused on helping residents build strong foundations and become the parents, spouses and employees they were destined to be while attaining long term recovery.

Life Changes Healing Home

Exclusively for SilverSummit Healthplan Members

The Healing Home is offered to SilverSummit Healthplan members who are in need of housing and wraparound services when healing from a medical situation.  The member must not need a higher level of clinical care than what home health care can provide.  Services are available for both men and women.  

The Healing Home was developed to fill a gap in homeless services caused by an increased vulnerability to illness and trauma and higher prevalence of health problems complicated by current cost-conscious trends in health care.

New Beginnings Prisoner Reentry

  • At least 95% of people incarcerated in state prisons will be released back to their communities at some point.

  • Within 3 years of release about 2/3 (67.8%) of released prisoners were rearrested. Within 5 years of release, about ¾ (76.6%) were rearrested.

  • At Life Changes, we are determined to provide support and guidance to this at-risk population. Learn more about the New Beginnings prisoner reentry program by clicking here.

  • NOTE: Applications must come directly through NDOC​.

The Journey Begins Sober Living

Our residential recovery facilities is the cornerstone of all Life Changes services.  These gender specific homes are for people in any stage of their recovery or in recover from any life situation. The dedicated Life Changes team provides support and guidance for residents to establish healthy habits that lay the fournadition of new behaviros and approached to day-to-day wellness.  If you or a loved one needs help and hope, please complete our application.  

Renown Recuperative Care Home

The Renown Recuperative Care Home provides a haven for those in need of a safe place to heal from a hospital stay. Members of this home may have a variety of insurances, including medicare, and will be paired with a team of dedicated professionals to help plan for their transition into independence.

The Renown Recuperative Care Home was developed to address the increasing concerns and challenges faced by our community's homeless population when facing a life, family, or medical challenge



Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking

Exclusive to HealthPlan of Nevada Members​

Domestic violence is used for one purpose: to gain and have complete control over another. The abuser does not play by the rules.  The abuser uses fear, guilt, shame and intimidation to break the victim and hold them in power. Domestic violence and human trafficking can happen to anyone without discrimination.  At Life Changes, our domestic violence and human trafficking home is in a confidential location and we work closely with our women to empower them to regain their power and create the life of their dreams.

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