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New Beginnings Prisoner Reentry 

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How to Apply

If your loved one is incarcerated in a Nevada Department of Corrections facility, we are happy to reach out to a case manager on your behalf to assist in the application process. Unfortunately, applications for services for individuals incarcerated in a state prison cannot be submitted directly to Life Changes. The application must come directly from the Nevada Department of Corrections. Please email us with the full name and NDOC # and a short paragraph explaining what assistance you are seeking.

If you or your loved one is not detained in a correctional institution, please complete this application for services

What Happens Next?

Once your loved one is released, he or she will be transported by the Department of Corrections to the Parole and Probation office.  From there, our Transportation Specialist will pick him or her up and they will be taken to the Life Changes intake site.  After intake is complete, they will accompany the Transportation Specialist to purchase necessary items such as a phone and and a few food items. They will then be assigned a residence and have an opportunity to settle in.

If an application has been submitted via the website, a member of our reentry team will be in touch to schedule an interview and determine the best possible residence for the applicant. Once a resident is accepted, a bed date is scheduled with a focus on same-day intake wherever possible. 

When Can I Visit?

If your loved one is on parole or under any type of supervision, they will need to get permission from the criminal justice professional before you can visit.  Be sure to ask them to discuss your visit the very first time they meet their parole officer on the day of their release.  Your loved one will have the opportunity to call you the day of their release.  If you have a cell phone or other items for them, you can make arrangements for drop off with the our staff.

What Do They Need

Most released offenders come to us with very few personnel items.  Below is a short list of items they will need upon release.

  • A cell phone

  • Hygiene

  • Clothing

  • Bus Pass

  • Food (We do provide some limited food items and help participants apply for SNAP, but you can help with a bit of grocery shopping)

  • Job leads

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