How to do an intake at a Life Changes Residential Facility
Forms on this page can ONLY be completed using a mobile device

First - Every resident of Life Changes, MUST have an application on file with us.  The application contains the majority of information we need to complete the intake.  Ensuring your resident has completed the online application will reduce your workload and provide the information Life Changes administration need.  Once complete, the application will automatically submit to your admin team. If a resident has been admitted without having completed the application, it is your responsibility to ensure it is complete.  Please follow this link to access the application.

Second - Your intake is NOT complete until you have ensured your resident has completed these forms and they understand what is expected of them. Please follow this link to access the second portion of the intake forms.

Life Changes, Inc. is a registered 501(c) charitable organization

Providing safety, shelter and support to individuals affected by substance abuse, incarceration, mental illness, homelessness, sex trafficking and domestic violence. Mission Statement

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