Dead or Alive

This straight up CRIMINAL needs Help!  Maybe a Prisoner Reentry Recovery Ranch is the key?!

Life Changes is committed to keeping our community safe and good examples coming from our citizens. BUT we have found a SCOUNDREL who is Messing with our Zen!  This repeat offender has been spotted around town, at the local gym, in businesses and even in our local government buildings WEARING HIS (OR HER) JEANS WAY TOO TIGHT!  Life Changes and our team of highly trained investigators are GOING AFTER THIS SCOUNDREL!  This REPEAT offender is goin' DOWN!!!!

Once we know this VILLAINS identity - and Oh Yes We WILL Find Out - you can help keep him (or her) locked up, or bail this scoundrel out.  This really depends on your preference - do you WANT to see folks with tight jeans roaming around our community creating chaos? Or will you think this THUG needs to sit in jail and THINK about the offensive behavior?  We are pretty sure jail uniforms don't include tight jeans!

Every dollar that goes toward SOLVING this CRIME will be earmarked for the upcoming Life Changes Prisoner Reentry Ranch.  Because even tight jean wearing RASCALS need a place to HEAL!  If you see this Tight Jeans Wearing thug, please drop us a CLUE in the comments section. Stay tuned for more information and to follow the CRIME we are committed to solving!

This HILLARIOUS virtual event will keep you in stitches, bring out your INVESTIGATIVE powers and keep you INTRIGUED as we comb the streets of Reno and Sparks to bring JOY, and HUMOR and CHANGE in our community!


We haven't yet found the IDENTITY of this OFFENDER - Is it YOU?

The end result of this ONGONG Fundraiser will be the opening of the NEWEST Life Changes endeavor - a RECOVERY RANCH!

Give Us a Clue


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