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Pilar Partner

We are so excited about being a News Chanel 8 KOLO Pilar Partner in 2021 & 2022.  Tabnie Dozier has been gifted to us as our Anchor for the duration of this prestigious award.  We believe that she has discovered that once a part of the Life Changes family, always a part of the Life Changes family!  Be sure to check this page often to see the amazing Stories Tabnie is airing for Life Changes!

Offering a sober lifestyle

By Tabnie Dozier

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Helping Nevadans better their lives, one step at a time. Our KOLO Cares Pillar Partner, Life Changes Inc. empowers those battling addiction to turn the corner.

The non-profit has almost a dozen different properties where men and women, who either admit themselves or are coming out of jail can go to. Whether you’re battling homelessness, substance abuse, mental illness or sex trafficking, this agency won’t leave you stranded. “With relapse, its not fun to go down that road and I was never an active user, but enough to where I’d self-medicate and I just got tired of doing that so I reached out and found the resources to get help and here I am,” client Robert Vastvinder explains.

Life Changes has been serving Northern Nevada for 11 years, to learn more you can head to

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Turning Pain into Purpose

By Tabnie Dozier

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Life Changes strives to help men and women re-enter society as they battle substance abuse, homelessness, mental illness and other issues. For the President of the non-profit, it’s a struggle she knows all too well, and her past has greatly shaped her present of wanting to make a difference.

“I was ten years old when I first started drinking and using drugs and by thirteen, I was out on the streets here,” Lisa Moore explains. It’s a story she’s shared many times, adding, “Oh my goodness, I was a lost little girl, I was raised in an alcoholic family where inside the house was one way and you had to put on an act when outside the house.”

After multiple arrests, even being kidnapped and sex trafficked in California, a mentor asked how she could change the world if she could. Life Changes Inc. was founded in 2010, starting with one women’s home, Moore’s team now has eleven properties between Reno and Sparks, serving men as well. “I know this journey that I’ve been through and everything that I’ve been through in my life is because this is the big plan for me to give back and do these beautiful things,” she says.

One of the homes on West Second Street in Downtown Reno serves as a men’s sober living home, for those who were recently incarcerated or admitted themselves, like Robert Vastvinder, who tells us, “I have a history of relapse and stuff like that and I needed a safe place to be so I wouldn’t go down that route anymore.”

This transitional living organization offers schooling and trades so that clients can become self-sufficient. “I know what it’s like to get wrapped up and be so deep in your addiction that you lose yourself,” Moore adds. She’s a mother, survivor, mentor and leader. She says if anyone you know or you yourself are struggling right now, there can be a brighter outcome, “I was afraid of leaving that life behind because it was the only life I knew but I can guarantee you if you wait until the miracle happens, your life does get better and I’m proof of that.”

Men’s and women’s hygiene items, cleaning supplies and monetary donations are some of life changes greatest needs right now.

To donate or volunteer, head to

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