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The Roaring Twenties were a decadent historical heyday. Flappers, gangsters, and bootleggers reveled in secret behind the closed doors of the speakeasies that lay hidden during prohibition.  Women adorned in feathered headwear, pearls and May Janes kicked up the fringes of their glimmering dresses as they danced!  Men in pinstripes and pencil-thin mustaches sipped a cool drink and smoked fine cigars. Oh, it was the time to be alive, dancing and creating change in our country! 

Put on your dancin' shoes and join us for the October 21st Roaring Twenties Celebration!



Life Changes, Inc. is a Level II Sober Living Home as defined by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR).  We believe in the unique ability of every client we serve. We are dedicated to empowering each client to achieve their life vision. Many times, our clients are simply drifting through life – allowing life to happen to them rather than creating a life that works for them. Through a strong foundation of recovery, a sense of community, useable life skills, workforce development activities, support and guidance that nurture growth and development, these men and women can and do become the individuals they were destined to be. We applaud their every achievement!

"Providing safety, shelter and support to adults affected by substance abuse, mental illness, incarceration, homelessness, human trafficking and domestic violence. ~ Mission

Caring & Compassionate

The choice to find help when your life is falling apart may feel like it's impossible.  But, if you've come this far, you've begun the journey. Our caring and compassionate team is designed to help you find the right place to land, to provide guidance to get your life in order, and to provide hope for a better way.  We are here for you. Life Changes...when you're ready

Our Programs

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What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are structured, safe and substance-free living environment for individuals in recovery.  At Life Changes, our sober living homes are staffed with an on-site house manager, Peer Recovery Support Specialists and are provided in a residential, home style environment. If you, or a loved one, need support, guidance and hope, we are here for you.

The Moore Factor

Our Founder and CEO, Lisa Moore, tells the story of her journey toward the birth of Life Changes, of the lives that have been changes and just what happens when you're ready. Join us in discovering just what the "Moore Factor" is all about. 

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