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When prisoners in Nevada are released, they face a myriad of challenges that can deter them from a successful and long-term transition to society.  The months prior to release can be stressful and filled with uncertainty as they attempt to navigate their release plans from behind bars. The problems that await former offenders are often overwhelming. They are not returning to the same world they left behind, things have changed. Their families have adjusted to their absence and spouses and children have learned to live without them. The workforce has changed, neighborhoods have grown, prices have increased, and technology often leave them feeling left behind. For years, decision have been made for them. The Department of Corrections has told them what and when to eat, what to wear, even when they can shower. If they are lucky, they are assigned a prison job. Now, suddenly, the released offender is faced with a myriad of decisions about life in the free word - a place that no longer feels like home.  Often, without an approved release plan, they are left to sit in prison until they expire their sentence at a taxpayer cost in excess of $30,000 annually. 

Unless the offender has managed to save a few dollars or have family support, they are released with $25 gate money to begin their new life. This creates an immediate need for a safe place to lay their head and something to eat. Without a strong support plan,more than 70% of released offenders return to prison within a three- year period. Life Changes is her to support and empower our newly released residents and provide the support and guidance aimed to set them on a life journey that creates success not only for the individual, but for their families and our community. 

For Friends and Family

We know you are anxious for your loved one to come home and have questions about when you can see them. Click HERE for info!

Admission Process

Our Reentry Team simply cannot field all those phone calls and still process the reentry paperwork in a timely manner. But you can help! Click HERE for info!

Wish List

There's a whole lot more to Prison Reentry than having open beds! We need your help with big and little things. Click HERE to see how you can help to change our little corner of the world!

Contact the Reentry Team

You are welcome to call our message line, but please be aware, this will take time away from processing documents for reentry! Please contact us via email listed above for a speedy response. * 775.685.8145  *  P.O. Box 3137, Sparks, NV  89432

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