Peer Recovery Support Specialists


Hello and Welcome to the World of Peer Recovery Support Specialist! We are aware that most of us have “unofficially” been providing Peer services in our everyday life for years! However, becoming a certified Peer will give you the opportunity to tailor your approach and define what areas you not only enjoy, but are best at based on your unique experience.  READ MORE


Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)  -

  • Each client must complete a WRAP. Ideally you will send them the link and they can fill it out on their mobile device.  Alternately, you can print the form for them. A client may ask any person they like to assist them with the form. However, please be as involved as possible so you can assist the client to staying true to their plan and identify areas of challenge and success. It is a good idea to complete your own WRAP so that you are knowledgable and stay grounded as you perform you duties as a PRSS.

Provide the client with this link to pull the form up on their own mobile device

Step Mapping -

  • As a person in recovery, I'm sure you've worked your steps many times.  This step mapping document is not so you can work the steps with your peer. This step mapping document is simply to be used as an introduction to the steps.  Your client will work the steps with their sponsor. I have attached the entire manual for your review.  However, it is suggested you only print out the pages you reasonably expect the resident to address.  In my PEER binders, I include the portion titled The Twelve Step Guide Maps, and, if warranted, the Serenity Pray Maps.  You can decide what is most appropriate for your individual clients. 


  • It's likely that each of your clients will need to create a Resume.  Unless you are proficient at Resume Writing, PLEASE DON'T DO IT!  You can ask your client to complete the Resume Worksheet and then refer them to Job Connect for further assistance.  Your client will need to take the Resume Worksheet with them to Job Connect.  If you do refer your client to Job Connect, make sure this is documented on your paperwork. 


  • Budgeting and Money Management is a skill we could all likely use a bit of support with. The attached worksheet is a good start.  I suggest you review and complete the form yourself before providing it to your client.  Weekly follow-up on Budgeting and Money Management is suggested. 


  • There are a large variety of worksheets that will benefit both you and your client when providing services. I have found the website to have the largest variety of tools that are helpful.  Although some of the worksheets are geared toward youth, if your client has not learned the tools presented, it is best to start with the basics.  

  • I typically begin with Self-Esteem as this seems to be a challenge across the board with all clients we serve.