Peer Recovery Support Specialists

Adobe forms can ONLY be completed on your mobile device

Form 1 - Basic Intake Form - This form is the initial document to be completed by your potential client requesting PRSS services. Upon completion, the form will be emailed to your supervisor and the best PRSS will be partnered with the client. 

Form 2 - Release of Information - You must have a signed Release of Information before speaking with ANY outside entity on behalf of the client.  There are NO exceptions to this rule.  This form allows for digital signature and MUST be saved to the clients file on the shared drive.  

Client Rights Under HIPPA

Form 3 - Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)  - Each client must complete a WRAP. Ideally you will send them the link and they can fill it out on their mobile device.  Alternately, you can print the form for them. A client may ask any person they like to assist them with the form. However, please be as involved as possible so you can assist the client to staying true to their plan and identify areas of challenge and success. It is a good idea to complete your own WRAP so that you are knowledgable and stay grounded as you perform you duties as a PRSS.

Provide the client with this link to pull the form up on their own mobile device

For info about our New Beginnings Prisoner Reentry program, click HERE * 775.234-8145  *  P.O. Box 3137, Sparks, NV  89432685

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