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Exercise Reduces and Relieves Stress * Exercise Naturally & Positively Alters your Brain Chemistry

Exercise is Meditation in Motion * Exercise Improves Your Outlook

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Life Changes, Inc. is excited to announce our newest program component – Rise & Grind. This is an intensive, interactive 120-day program to teach our participants the importance of nutrition and exercise. The facilitators of the Rise & Grind program, Lisa Moore and Grant Denton, have partnered with the American Iron Gym to provide a workout experience to dedicated, motivated clients of the Life Change’s Inc. sober living program.

Acceptance into the Rise & Grind program is contingent on a number of factors as space is limited to five participants each four-month period. One deciding factor for acceptance, is the candidate’s participation in the weekly Rise & Grind group meetings that are mandatory for all Life Changes clients. At the weekly meetings, a different guest speaker presents on the following topics: portion control, nutrition, exercise, wellness, mental clarity, loving your body, personal fitness plan, stress reduction, and a variety of other benefits. For those clients that are not a part of the four-month group, this is an opportunity for them to explore and formulate their own personal exercise plan. 

Three times a week, the five participants rise early and arrive at the gym at 5:30am. Here, they embarked on a journey of self-discipline. They learn accountability as missing a workout is not acceptable in the Rise & Grind program. They build a comradeship with the other program participants and become a powerful system of support in one another’s workout routine, recovery and life goals.  This journey to self-awareness and self-love builds character, brings joy, a sense of accomplishment, and gratitude. We like to say at the Rise & Grind program that “Exercise is Meditation in Motion.” And the results we see from the program participants proves this to be true as we watch them become more mindful and focused on what they desire in their lives.

Upon completion of the four-month program, each participant is given a Certificate of Completion and a one year membership to the American Iron Gym. At this point, it is time to choose the next five participants who are excited to Rise & Grind! * 775.685.8145  *  P.O. Box 3137, Sparks, NV  89432

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