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The instructions and documents in this section will be vital to your success as a team member at Life Changes, Inc.  Instructions have been written as with as much detail as possible.  If you are seeking instructions that are not listed here, please reach out to the administrative team so you can be provided direction and instructions can be added.  Likewise, if you do not understand the instructions, please reach out to the administrative team.  Your point of contact for administrative concerns is Sandy Finelli, 775-544-1660 or

  1. How do I get a Life Changes email address? - Click Here

  2. How do I complete a residential intake? -

    1. Intake Packet Click Here

    2. Rules for Signature- Click Here

  3. What is Medication Management and how do I do it?  Click Here

  4. How do I handle confidential information? Click Here

  5. What if a client breaks the rules and I need to give him/her a write up? Click here

  6. How often do I need to update my clients Emergency Medical Information and Current prescriptions?  Click Here

    1. The Emergency Medical Information worksheet is to be updated each time medical information changes.  For example, if a client is prescribed a new medication, or is taken off a medication. This form is also to be updated when a client wished to change his or her Emergency Contact. ​

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