Client Care Coordinator

This position is specifically geared toward the care and oversight of sober living home residents. This position is currently approved for 15 hours per week and requires oversight for female residents and NBH Long Term residents. Weekly reporting and communication to management is a requirement for the Client Care position.  This position is funded through the Life Changes General Fund.

The Client Care Coordinator reports directly to the Program Director, Sandy Finelli. If the Program Director is not available, and it cannot wait/emergency, contact the President of Life Changes, Lisa Moore.


Detailed timesheets are to be completed daily.  Compensation is determined based on verified timesheet. 

Case Notes

As the Client Care Coordinator, Case Notes must be submitted weekly on all clients. Additionally, any other instances or circumstances occurring with a client, must be case noted as they occur. This is a requirement of this position. 

Job Description

The Client Care position is expected to adhere to the stated Job Description.  Evaluations and continued employment will be based on the positions ability to carry out activities as detailed in the job description.